The Story of Forrie

Forrie was born in Febuary of 2002, which for some reason was a terrible year for calf deformities. Not only for us, but for neighboring farms as well. The previous summer was the first of what has since become the almost normal (dreaded) full blown droughts. Whether that horrible summer season had anything to do with the number of deformites we'll never don't know.  

Forrie was born with knuckled under forefeet.

She wasn't the only calf that year to have this problem. The other calves, none of whom were large, that were born knuckled under staightend their legs with a little encouragement of assisted standing.  If they were weak, I bottle fed just enough electrolytes to get them strong enough to nurse from their mothers. It worked for everyone except Forrie.

There was nothing weak about her. Every bit of her was strong and determined.  She was just stuck with essentially standing up on her ankle bones.

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